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Health Benefits of Local, Raw Honey

Low, Raw Honey - it's delicious and great to use in tea, with fruits, and in salad dressing but there are many health benefits from honey too!

5 Health Benefits of local, raw honey:

  • Healing Properties

  • Seasonal Allergies

  • Reduces the Lifespan of Colds

  • Natural Antiseptic

3 reasons why the honey should be local and raw:

  • Many of the health benefits of honey are lost when it is filtered and heated to high temperatures.

  • To help with allergies, you need to have local, raw honey. This will ensure that the honey has the allergens native to the area you live in.

  • Local, raw honey is full of all kinds of healthy ingredients. Industrial methods dilute the good stuff out.

Photo: "Western Honey Bee" by Trey Wardlaw through the Laurens County Conservation District Photo Contest

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