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Celebrating Success: Raiders 4-H Shines in Let’s Talk Dairy Contest

Updated: Mar 26

Raiders 4-H totally rocked it at the Let’s Talk Dairy speech contest and the Dairy judging contest!

In Let’s Talk Dairy, Senia Cruz Lopez snagged 2nd place in the senior division, showing off her awesome speaking skills and dairy knowledge.

Then, in the Dairy judging contest, ten of our awesome crew competed in the senior division. We even welcomed a senior from the Laurens/Greenville Dairy Club into our gang! Our teams landed 6th, 7th, and 9th places, but individual performances were just as rad.

Shoutout to Elijah Strait, our adopted member, for snagging 9th place overall. And let’s not forget Jordan Lawson, a sophomore who nailed 13th place!

Big congrats to everyone who gave it their all! Here’s to more success ahead!

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