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Dispensers keep school milk cold, cut back on carton waste

ATLANTA, Ga.—Cartons aren’t the only way to deliver nutritious milk to growing students.

Milk dispensers—like soda machines but for milk—have the potential to decrease school milk waste.

Milk cartons make up about 50% of school trash volume, and students waste 30% of all milk in cartons, according to milk dispenser supplier Hubert. Schools that use a milk dispenser and washable cups can decrease packaging waste associated with school milk.

But that’s not the only benefit to milk dispensers.

“Replacing cartons with milk dispensers helps students drink more milk, filling critical nutrition gaps while also putting the school on a more environmentally sustainable path,” said Roseann Liberatore, registered dietitian and manager of youth wellness in Virginia for The Dairy Alliance. “Students expect choices and products that taste great. Milk dispensers allow students to serve themselves and keep the milk colder than cartons, improving milk’s taste.”

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