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Woodlands Manager of the Year Award

Last week at the Clemson Extension Spotlight on Agriculture Dinner, Dr. Mel Patterson was recognized as the Woodlands Manager of the Year. Luke Penney presented the award and highlighted some of the recipient's accomplishments. We were lucky enough to get a copy and will share some of this information here:

The Spotlight Outstanding Woodlands Manager of the Year for 2017 is Dr. Mel Patterson. Dr. Patterson has been a longtime resident of Laurens County. He founded Laurens Family Medicine 41 years ago where he is a senior partner. He is also a director of the NHC Healthcare in Clinton and the Martha Franks Retirement Community in Laurens and works for the Caris Hospice in Greenwood.

He bought his first property “The Farm” in 1978 and has been actively managing it ever since. He is a true steward of the land and all of his property has been Tree Farm Certified. On “The Farm” Dr. Patterson has hosted a number of groups including the boy scouts and church gatherings but what he enjoys most is spending time on “The Farm” with his wife Diane, of 48 years, his two Children Seth & Anna and his 5 grandchildren. Let’s all congratulate the 2017 Outstanding Woodlands Manager of the Year Dr. Mel Patterson!

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