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Who Will Farm for the Next Generations?

We recently stumbled upon an article asking... "Who Are This Generation's Farmers?". It is an interesting read that gives major props to Farmers and Farm Families. It discusses how important Farmers are, and then points out the fact that the population of Farmers is dwindling. That is a heavy thought. Farmers, and Farm Families, are dwindling. Who will grow the food for our growing population? Who will farm for the next generations?

In Laurens County, we are blessed with generations upon generations of Farm Families. We are lucky that there are so many people, that grew up on family farms, that will and have taken over their family farm. These families are hard working, dedicated, and they keep the tradition of Farm Families going.

At The Clemson Extension Spotlight on Agriculture last week, a special recognition was given to one of Laurens County's own Farm Families. Robert H Roper III and his family were awarded the "Laurens County Farm Family of the Year". Now in its 4th generation this farm is a strong asset in our County. This Farm Family and many others deserve the recognition of their hard work.

Next time you are out and about and you see a Farmer, make sure to give them a big thank you. They work hard to feed America, and for that, we are grateful!

Check out the Agrilicious Article that got us thinking by clicking here.

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