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Special Commodity Producer, Morning Glory Nursery

Congratulations to Allen and Charles Thomas of Morning Glory Nursery, as they were awarded the Laurens County Specials Commodity Award.

This has always been a father and son duo going back to the 1950s; Mr. Paul Thomas and his father grew cotton and raised pigs and cattle in the 50s and 60s. Then Paul's son, Allen, started his farming life, helping his Dad grow wheat, soybeans, potatoes, and many other crops and vegetables around the Madden Station area In Laurens County.

That started Allen's love for growing plants and all things outdoors. Around 1988, Allen and his family diversified Into full-service landscaping design and maintenance and formed Morning Glory Nursery, located on Stagecoach Rd in Laurens. For the last 30+ years, they have taken great pride In growing beautiful flowers and plants to serve the families of Laurens County at their nursery, which they continue to do today. While also taking care of landscaping needs from design to planting to maintaining many yards of families and businesses throughout Laurens County, the father/son duo continues now with Allen and his son Charles.

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