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Outstanding Dairyman of the Year

Last week at the Clemson Extension Spotlight on Agriculture Dinner, Glen and Marilyn Easter were the recipients of the Outstanding Dairyman of the Year Award. Tina Horn presented the award and highlighted some of the recipient's accomplishments. We were lucky enough to get a copy and will share some of this information here:

Eastglen Farms is a family owned and operated dairy farm. They not only have an exceptional herd of cows, but are active in their community, 4-H, and in promoting the dairy industry. Eastglen Farms milks approximately 380 registered Jersey cows and has a rolling herd average of 16,600# of milk, 796# of fat, and 576# of protein.

They were recognized at the SC Jersey Cattle Associations Annual meeting for having the greatest increase in production for 2017. SCFB President Ott, spoke earlier in the night about agriculturalist telling their stories and being engaged and there are none that do that better than the Easters. They provide leadership to dairy industry associations on local, state, and national levels serving on numerous boards and committees. They are great advocates for Clemson Extension and 4-H and dairy youth. They are the kind of farmers that help make many of those programs so successful whether it be participating in a pilot study and providing feedback for the Mid Atlantic Secure Milk Supply Program, providing heifers for the SC 4-H Dairy Heifer Project, or providing leadership to the local 4-H Dairy Club. All of these things could not be accomplished if it weren’t for the entire families dedication and commitment to the farm and the promotion of the dairy industry. The Outstanding Dairyman of the Year Award is awarded to Glen and Marilyn Easter.

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