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Knot your typical farm - Barefoot Acres

Barefoot Acres is a unique farm located in Fountain Inn, South Carolina. Owners, Troy and Jody Prosser wanted to "create a place that married their ideas of adventure and farm, creating this adventure farm." In June of 2020 Barefoot Acres opened to the public and was nominated as one of "SC's Best" in their first year. "Barefoot Acres is not your average farm. In addition to our traditional farmland with animals, flower fields, and fresh produce, we also have an exciting adventure park full of thrills, fun, and excitement." Barefoot Acres offers individual education classes, team building/bonding, and they are also a wedding/event venue.

What is an adventure farm? - I had the opportunity to find out! Our tour began on the ropes course, which is a guided tour method. Troy and Jody enjoy having guided tours because it provides them with an opportunity to tell guests about the course and the nature around it. 60% of the trees along the ropes course have a plaque labeling the type of tree and some information about it. When designing the course, they wanted it to be a place for fun and learning.

Troy and Jody wanted the farm to be "a place for families to come and hang out. A place to grow flowers, produce, raise chickens for farm fresh eggs and share our barnyard friends with everyone who visits. Our farm is a place to relax, take a stroll through the woods or hang out and picnic with friends and family." During the tour, I was able to see their greenhouses and raised beds, meet some of the animals, and learn the exciting new additions they have planned.

What are the future goals for the farm? Soon, they're adding an additional 3 greenhouses and 20 raised beds. Along with using these to grow foods to eat and sell, they hope to make this a learning opportunity for students. They also plan to open a small market to sell their produce as well as other local vendors. Some item ideas they mentioned are barn quilts, candles, and other lotions and serums.

"... this family farm has become a place to explore, play, learn, grow and love for families, couples and individuals throughout the region."

For more information, call (864) 484-3879, or visit their website,

Article by: Graysen Martin

Communications and Marketing Coordinator

Laurens County Chamber of Commerce

(864) 833-2716

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