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Kerby's Kritters - A Local Petting Zoo

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Kerby's Kritters is a new portable petting zoo business in Laurens County run by Julia Kerber. She is a 17 year old who grew up and lives on a hobby farm in Gray Court, SC. She has spent her life rescuing, raising, and training all sorts of animals for 4-H and as pets. Julia has recently been accepted for Animal and Veterinary Sciences at Clemson University.

This petting zoo offers a variety of different farm animals. Many of these animals have been given to us as rescue animals that could not be taken care of or were no longer wanted. We are able to give them a new and loving home and they help us by spreading love to others! Mary and Pat are two pygmy goats that were premature and are very small for their age. We also have a very friendly potbelly pig who is named Peppa. Our farm dog who is very gentle and calm with any animal and with people is Shiloh. Mary, Pat, Peppa, and Shiloh were all rescued by Mrs. Connie at Magnolia farms and later came to join our petting zoo. We have several rabbits of all sizes that have been rescued from different places. They all love to be held and walked on leashes. Chester, our black Hereford steer, was a rescue from a couple who was not able to care for him anymore. He was a premature calf whose mother died after birth. Since he was bottle fed and given a lot of attention as a calf he is very friendly and loves people. Lastly we have a variety of chickens and a bearded dragon for all the reptile lovers.

The goal of this petting zoo is to spread knowledge of livestock while creating unforgettable memories with our furry friends.

For more information on Kerby's Kritters:

Instagram: @kerbys_kritters

Facebook: Kerby's Kritters

Pictures and Article Provided by Julia Kerber.

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