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Hastings Corner: A Local Family Farm and Garden in Laurens, SC

Hastings Corner is a local farm & garden established in 2021 by Mady Hastings, located in Laurens, South Carolina. Her primary goal of the farm is to feed people in the community and providing them access to fresh, locally-grown vegetables.

Mady is dedicated to sustainable agriculture and prioritizes using environmentally friendly methods to cultivate their produce. One example of Mady’s upcycling

is by giving new purpose to an old dresser she found by creating a raised bed garden. Mady and her husband, Matt, aim to teach their three children the fundamentals of growing their food and becoming responsible caretakers of the land and the environment. The kids love assisting with farm operations, from harvesting produce to interacting with customers, and their involvement is a significant motivator for the family.

The Hastings family is committed to providing free vegetables to anyone who needs them. They believe everyone deserves access to fresh, healthy produce, regardless of income level. Starting in early Spring 2023, they plan to donate as much fresh produce as possible to the SC Empowerment Center in Laurens County, coordinators of the local FoodShare. The FoodShare boxes are available for purchase by the public for $20 cash or only $5 EBT.

Now supplying fresh, organically grown, hyper-local produce to Rootimentary in Laurens, SC. This new, high-end steak house and Southern Bistro. This gives the community a true farm-to-table experience with in-season vegetables, including Japanese mustard, kale, spinach, turnip greens, and garlic. In preparation for the summer season, they're planting tomatoes, basil, a variety of peppers, and more.

One of the unique aspects of Hastings Corner is its commitment to sustainability.

The farm uses environmentally friendly practices to reduce waste and minimize its carbon footprint. They also prioritize companion planting to improve plant and soil health and deter pests.

In addition to providing free vegetables and partnering with local restaurants, Hastings Corner is taking another step towards sustainability and community involvement. This summer, they will pilot the first community compost program in the area. This program will be for anyone who would like to collect their compostable food waste and return it to us in order to turn it into nutrient-rich compost for our soil. Not only is this an excellent way to support your local farm, but it allows you to divert your food waste away from your trash pick-up and the landfill. Their goal this year is to step away from ordering commercial compost, and having community support would help them produce more compost.

Hastings Corner, Mady and Matt, have participated at both the Laurens and Simpsonville Farmer's Markets on Saturday mornings, often times dividing and conquering when they do. "We love that our kids come with us and get to work on their social skills, and take pride in their part on the farm, and see in real-time how much teamwork really makes the dream work," states Mady.

As Hastings Corner continues to grow and expand, the Hastings family remains committed to their mission of feeding the community and promoting sustainability. They are an inspiring example of what can be achieved through hard work, dedication, and a love for the environment.

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