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Exploring the Beauty of Laurens County: SC Farmer and Agribusiness Association Summer Tour

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Last weekend, the South Carolina Farmer and Agribusiness Association hosted the summer tour in Laurens County, showcasing the region's thriving agricultural industry. With two exciting days filled with farm visits and insightful experiences, attendees got an up-close look at the dedication and hard work that goes into producing the food and goods that sustain our communities.

Day 1 Stops:

  1. Dale Taylor Tree Farm

  2. Martin Nursery & Greenhouses

  3. Stewart Farms

  4. Bull Hill Ranch

Day 2 Stops:

  1. Ghost Creek Gourds

  2. Fox Pipe Farm

  3. Hollow Oak Brahman and Wedding Venue

This tour has been another testament to the immense importance of agriculture in our lives and how it continues to be the backbone of our communities. A heartfelt thank you to all the dedicated individuals whose hard work and effort made the SC Farmer and Agribusiness Association summer tour in Laurens County an unforgettable and enriching experience!

Photos by: Erika Pisik

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